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How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Interesting article, where author describes an interesting trend in US economy:

IT increases productivity, but also increases unemployment. For many jobs, in not only agriculture and manufacturing, but also information working jobs, robots replace humans. Clerks, customer support, analysts. IT allows doing the same work by fewer employees. Moreover, things like IBM Watson (they call it cognitive computing) empower even so human professions as medical, finance, science.

Where will this trend lead us? Nothing is clear, the world changes faster and faster. Definitely “smart” jobs will be valuable for a long time, and industries like software development, data science and robotics will need more and more smart guys to do all this amazing stuff that improves our productivity, and makes our lives more convenient.

What I am afraid of is possible high unemployment which can lead us to more socialistic world, and therefore to stagnation. I hope that we will find some kind of new meaningful jobs for all these people, whose work now robots do.