Monthly Archives: September 2013

Update on GTD

The other day I described the method that helps me to Get Things Done.

You know, it is just a text file with prioritized list of things. Very simple, very efficient.

Since that post, I tried two changes. When I was using simple text file operated by good old Notepad.exe, I was feeling the lack of mobility. The file was stored in my home computer, and I could not have access from other devices. I tried to move the file to Dropbox, but I needed to reopen Notepad each time to synchronize changes made from other devices. Using of OneNote with online storage solved this problem completely – the data are in the cloud, changes are synchronized automatically. Almost perfect solution, if not counting lack of OneNote clients for some platforms.

Another change that I tried – grouping tasks by topics. For example, move to new OneNote tab all tasks that are related to relocation to SFBA. After a few days of using this regrouped GTD I found that I don’t use the special tabs, and only manage the first tab with tasks that are not related to any specific topic. It is a consequence of making the system more complicated. When I understood it – I returned to the single prioritized list. GTD is one of the things where simplicity is the king.