SharePoint and Rich Text Editors

SharePoint 2007 allows rich text editing only in IE. For non-IE browsers SharePoint shows only plain text editor. And we will fix this.

There are some tutorials that describe how to add one of popular rich text editors into SharePoint websites: FCKEditor, TinyMCE and others.

Firstly, I tried to follow this one but  it doesn’t work for me. They recommend to add some piece of javascript to file NON_IE.js in Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ folder. But when I open SharePoint page in FireFox 3.6 it doesn’t ever load NON_IE.js.

So, I decided to use FCKEditor for all browsers. The javascript code is almost the same, but you should add it into CORE.js instead of NON_IE.js. See details in this article.

It’s a free solution. If you want to pay, you could get almost the same result for $599 if you buy “CKEditor for SharePoint” from authors of FCKEditor  :)