ReSharper Architecture Tools

JetBrains introduced Architecture tools in Resharper 8. It lets you visualize dependencies between projects and types.

To start using it, open a solution in Visual Studio and go to Resharper – Architecture menu. “Show Project Dependency Diagram” menu item opens a new tab with graph of project dependencies:


Strangely, low-level projects which have no dependencies are at the top of the diagram, and high-level projects are in the bottom. Line thickness represents number of type dependencies between two projects. You can drill down to a type dependency diagram using a context menu:


For these two projects, I selected, type dependency diagram looks scary and not much useful:


But for more well-defined projects it looks nicer:


Then the tool allows to drill down to individual usages:


ReSharper Architecture Tools are definitely much easier to use than Visual Studio built-in tools, and they can be handy for software archaeologists, who explore top-level architecture of a Visual Studio solution, as well as for software architects when assessing component dependencies.

More about Architecture Tools:

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